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Monday, December 26, 2011

Guys vs Gals thinking

Interestingly, shared in a convo btw a guy and a gal arguing at work.

Guy: The best weapon against women is silence. When they say something stupid/idiotic, I just keep quiet and immediately the gal would feel stupid for saying that. That's the best way to win an argument.

Gal: That's what you think. You just have nothing to say because you have lost the argument!

Quite a unique way of thinking. If everyone do not need to have the last word, then the world might be a quieter and better place? At least that might be the way with my mum and I. Why do women need to have the last word? I should start thinking like my male colleague. Makes life easier.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fast forward

Sometimes I wonder, is it really good to be coming out of uni so soon and going into the work force at such an early stage? Even though I've 'fast forwarded', I still feel very backward.

The amount of work that I've put in is barely countable and is reflective in the quality and time I've spent.

I feel like I'm getting old and tired even though I've got nothing to show for.

It's not a good thing being fast forwarded, I can only put in my best effort, USE MY BRAINS hopefully, and maybe SLOW DOWN and take time to think things through before working through.

A simple task NOT completed in 6 hours is pathetic excuse for someone who has worked for 1.5 years.

Enough of talk. It's time for action.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moving on

I think it's time. Time to stop lamenting, time for a new beginning.

I should start to implement the department's culture into my life. Forward looking and not looking for faults of ppl for the purpose of looking, but for the purpose of improving.

For if I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, there is no reason for me to be lazy and not push myself for greater heights!

I confess that I have not been trying my best, or simply have been wasting time. It's time to be more focused and productive and be grateful for each waking moment I have. :)

Life IS meaningful and beautiful if I dun spend my days wallowing in sleep and complaints.

On a separate note, finalized my flight to KL to melb :D now to just indulge myself to searching for companians after the exam.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where is the Hunger for success and fighting spirit?

Based on this article, I write this post.

Somehow, this seems to be speaking to be as I've been quite down during this period of time. Maybe I'm getting old/tired more easily. The long hours have worn me down, though technically it's not as long as some of my colleagues. However, I've been quite reluctant recently to use this term: 卖命. For those who do not understand, while the translation means to be hardworking, the direct translation is also to sell your soul/life.

There are 2 kinds of people around. One, those who think they know everything and don't want to improve themselves. Two, those who know they don't know everything and ask loads of questions. Oh wait, there's a 3rd kind of person. Me: Those who know they don't know everything but don't care. There is no hunger for success nor the strive to succeed.

Some kids nowadays tend to give up easily once they find that things get tough and demand instant gratification. When they have to work first to get rewards later, many tend to lack the patience to follow through.

In this life of instant gratification, it's hard to see the need to build up resources for the future~ I agree that I'm one of those who lack the patience to follow through. @ work, if you give me a super daunting task that requires time to follow through, I can't really do it. I tend to dwell on it quite a bit and when new emails come in asking me for simple stuff, I get excited more easily and complete those quickly. Instant success! Why do I want to spend tonnes of time on that tough task instead?! It's quite hard to change the attitude immediately.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll survive in another company, where everything is based on performance (currently my place, it's quite level out, regardless of our qualifications i guess so there is no need to strive harder.) I'm probably not generating as much value as my other colleagues.

I know my strength. I don't like to fight when I know that I will be beaten. Why bother? Some people say, can earn experience points. Maybe I've been gaming too much. I only end up beaten and losing all my $ and hard earned exp points on the battle field because I was too ambitious (in the game). Maybe that's why in real life, I don't dare to take the risk. These $ and hard earned exp points actually just translate to time and experience. It is actually worth it to at least go through for the experience. But if I am not fully clothed with armour (protection against the lethal blow) , I am a coward.

Maybe it's time to take control. No more drifting. Time to focus.

1/ Pass exams!
2/ Aim to complete work before 7pm!
3/ Do not stone while preparing for the above 2!

Life is tough, but it will be tougher if we do not prepare for it.

*apologies for the lack of photos in this post :p Shall put more photos up when there are occassions when I step out of the house aside from work :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another year gone by

Happy 22nd Birthday to myself! Some time ago anyway. This post is overdue, but nonetheless shall make its appearance :)

On my actual birthday, went over to Sentosa to act touristy :P

Part of the reason to check out the 'fuss' over Casinos.

Unfortunately, the violation of ALL 3 dress codes left us just observing from the outside.

For the next day, held a simple BBQ party, where I spent most time preparing the food. In the end, I totally overestimated the amount :x so hard to cater. But it's ok, so long everyone else was full and enjoyed themselves :)

and finally, a sneak peak to the new dress that the gang bought for my birthday present...

To think that I only noticed my broad shoulders from this pix.. haha! must be more observant :)

Hee, this ends my short picture journal for this moment :D Hopefully more can be done, been busy with work and exams at the moment. Can't wait to get out of routine! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cny Meet ups :)

Huich & I
Oh my Goodness. Just realised I'm so much darker than her now. =x

JY and I

Yay, went shopping for her diving gear :) Shall get my own in the near future. Hurray!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Wedding Photo Summary

The couple, Chris & Ade

The best man, Ren Haw and his Iphone speech :p

The lovely ladies who came down from Msia/Aussie to attend this memoriable event

By the pool side for the dinner event :)

Marriages, something that seems so far away at the age of 21 coming 22. Had a discussion with my relatives this cny in regards to this as well. Depends on how long you require or prefer to hold a relationship before advancing to the next stage of marriage, there is this need to start early! Haha. I shall decline to comment further :p